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Pepsi A.M.
Pepsi A.M. Logo.jpg
The official Pepsi A.M. logo design.
Flavor: Cola
Color: Brown      
Current Status: Discontinued
Locations Available: United States
Year(s) Available: 1989 - 1990

Pepsi A.M. was a Pepsi cola flavor first test-marketed in sporadic regions of the United States in 1989. By 1990, it got discontinued due to low sales, lasting for an entire year of production.


Pepsi A.M. was a variant of Pepsi. Its flavor was the same as regular Pepsi but added 25% more caffeine. There was also a Diet variant that had one calorie.


In August 1989, PepsiCo first began to test market Pepsi A.M. alongside its Diet variant in sporadic regions of the United States aimed at coffee drinkers.

It was then later reported that Pepsi A.M. was getting test-marketed in some regions of massive cities. These cities confirmed are Cedar Falls, Iowa, Waterloo, Iowa, and Fort Wayne, Indiana. Others unconfirmed are Pittsburgh, New York and Phoenix. The unconfirmed locations are unknown from this test market release.

Shortly after its introduction, a year of production, Pepsi A.M. and its Diet variation ceased production in October 1990 due to potentially low sales.


  • This is the first attempt of many attempts at a morning drink from PepsiCo. The other many attempts are coffee-based Pepsi Kona, Pepsi Cappuccino and a Pepsi Café line of two flavors, Original and Vanilla. Most of these are American attempts, while Pepsi Cappuccino got attempted in various countries.
    • As for The Coca-Cola Company, there were two attempts. One is Coca-Cola BlāK from the 2000s, and the second is the latest line of many Coca-Cola with Coffee flavors released in early 2021.