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Big Blue
Big Blue Logo.png
The official Big Blue logo.
Flavor: Blue Crème
Color: Blue      
Current Status: Permanent Flavor
Locations Available: United States
Year(s) Available: November 2008 - Present
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Big Blue is a Big Red soda flavor that was released alongside Big Orange in stores in November 2008.


Big Blue is a variant of Big Red which is blue in color, similar to Crush Berry Punch. Its flavor is a Blue Creme.

There was speculation from many people saying that the flavor tastes like cotton candy with a blue bubblegum feel.


In 2008, Big Red Inc. was developing a new soda on their next big flavor: Big Blue. A Senior Vice President of Sales for Big Red Inc, Steve Nelson said that “We saw the trend shift and blue flavors were becoming increasingly popular,” and “We knew that Big Blue would be a huge hit with consumers. The appealing color, superior taste, and long history behind the Big Red name lead us to realize the incredible potential with Big Blue. We are elated to see the fantastic results after a brief time out on the market.” 

After its soft launch in November 2008, Big Blue has been anything but quiet. With sales on the rise, the bright blue soft drink is gaining momentum each month and is contributing an incremental volume to the over 12% top-line growth seen by Big Red products for 2009.

Consumer insights state that selling Big Blue creates lift to Big Red and provides no cannibalization of the original product. The 20 oz bottles were the first to hit shelves in late 2008.

But since the eye-catching blue made such a big splash with consumers, 12 packs and 2-liters quickly followed. Early in 2009, Big Blue was introduced in the very popular vintage bottle that has been well received by consumers. Big Blue’s popularity still rests mostly in the South, similar to its counterpart, Big Red. But with full distribution in Wal-Mart, Big Blue is certainly looking at a promising future within other regions across the country.